My name is Batikan and I was born in 1994, I'm Full Stack Software Developer in Istanbul.

I'm always mad about learning and experiencing new things.

Game programming, and scalable systems are my coding hobby, I'm always willing to learn about rendering in OpenGL, physics, scaling systems to high throughput, etc.

Beside of coding, my favorite activity is listening and playing different kinds of music and reading books.

Work History

Company When Description
trendyol.com May 2019 - Present Working in Trendyol Express (Custom shipping solution for Trendyol) as a Backend Developer. Our technology stack; Java, Spring Boot, Spring Reactor (Reactive Extensions), Redis, RabbitMQ, Couchbase, PostgreSQL, Webpack, Jest
hepsiburada.com April 2018 - April 2019 Working in Order Management Service as a Fullstack Developer. Our technology stack; C#, .NET Core, .NET Framework 4.5, MongoDB, SqlServer, Redis, Golang, Knockout.JS, RabbitMQ, Microfrontends, Everything as a Code (Ansible, Puppet, Chef), Grunt, Jest, Karma
yemeksepeti.com July 2018 - April 2018 Working as a Frontend Developer. Our technology stack; Javascript, CSS, React & Redux, Server Side Rendering, Webpack, Gulp
oto.net June 2015 - July 2017 Working as a Fullstack Developer. Our technology stack; PHP (Symfony & Zend Frameworks), CSS, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Elasticsearch, Socket.IO, Node.JS, Python, Angular.JS, AWS Stack (EC2, S3, SNS, Elasticbeanstalk, Cloudwatch, Lambda, IAM, VPC), Grunt
Global Travel Planner September 2014 - May 2015 Working as a Fullstack Developer. Our technology stack; Pure Javascript, CSS, PHP (Custom Framework), Elasticsearch, Memcache

Monthly Texts

I will share some of the interesting things here in future time.


Title Description
Gobank It's library written by Erkan Durmaz, Mountebank is a great tool for over the wire test doubles, I write stub support for this great go client

Some of My Works

Title Description
Harpocrates Harpocrates is Greek god of silence, it's modern password vault with cool CLI support, it's work with client-server architecture, TLS over TCP and secure way of store your personal passwords
Godiator Simple mediator implementation in golang
Flixer Flixer is command line to web browser binding, written in golang
Gopker Gopker is a library for making software integration tests via Docker more implicit and powerful. It consumes Docker API with fluent method chains, like create a container, remove a container, prune container, bind volume, etc.
Gopheart This one is still under development, It's a complete health check solution like `Spring Actuator` written in golang
Laraloop Sendloop Wrapper for PHP Laravel 5 Framework
Laravel 5 Currency Converter Laravel 5 Framework Currency Converter, supports blade or facade like usage

DevOps Ability

I really like working with container orchestration services and have experience with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, also I like write some bash scripts about automating manual jobs, I really like working with the Unix ecosystem.

I have first-hand experience with CI/CD tools like Jenkins - GoCD - GitlabCI.

I have intermediate cloud knowledge on AWS and very little on Google Cloud (This site reside on google cloud)

I have some fundamentals about Distributed Computing like CAP theorem, Lamport clock, and Consensus algorithm Raft.

I feel safe with Debian based distros like Ubuntu, but I have little hands-on experience on Red Hat based too. My favorite desktop environment for personal usage GNOME.

Also, I have some experience with Nginx and Apache web servers (With PHP-FPM).

Some of Technique Books

Title Author Description
Modern Operating Systems Andrew S. Tanenbaum This book gives you a strong foundation about understanding of how operating systems implemented and works (Arda recommended this book 3 years ago, thanks yo!)
Computer Networks Andrew S. Tanenbaum In progress
UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook Evi Nemeth, Garth Synder, Trent R. Hein, Ben Whaley Great book for understanding how you can do daily administrative tasks and setups in UNIX systems, and also describe some underhood mechanisms with not dive too deep
Algorithms Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne Algorithms are the heart of any software, I strongly believe every programmer should achieve at least a very basic level of understanding about topics like time complexity, space complexity. This book is great for an introduction to this subject, also consists of fundamental shorting, searching algorithms & data structures to some advanced ones like trie, self-balanced trees, etc.
Clean Code Robert Cecil Martin (Uncle Bob) Name describe everything
Clean Coder Robert Cecil Martin (Uncle Bob) Like clean code but more soft topics like time management, stress management etc
Clean Architecture Robert Cecil Martin (Uncle Bob)
Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture Martin Fowler

I see you have some frontend experience but why your site looks like shit?

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Special Thanks

To Why
Arda Yalçıner (wizardctp) I have been knowing Arda (Dude) since 2015, our oto.net days. He is a very helpful person, also teach me a lot of think about computer science and general software engineering practices, I can easily say he's one of the greatest software engineers in Turkey Software Engineering Scene. I glad to know him.
Erkan Durmaz I have been knowing Erkan since 2017, our hepsiburada.com days. He was a Software Development Manager of mine. Before that, he is a consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has experience over 15 years about software engineering, and very knowledgeable in areas like Agile Development and Extreme Programming. He teaches me a lot of think about Extreme Programming Topics like TDD, BDD, and DDD. I glad to know him.

Also thanks to all my friends and colleagues for helpfulness and sharing

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"A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us" - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


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